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A Quick Promotion From My Favorite Herb and Spice Purveyor

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about the pleasures and benefits of making stir-fried dishes. I pointed out my fondness for three spice mixes from Penzeys: Hot Curry Powder (Madras style), Bangkok Blend, and Cajun Seasoning. Today in my email inbox I received a promotion from Penzeys for two free jars of Cajun Seasoning with a $5 purchase. Buy a 1/2 cup jar of their Hot Curry Powder and they’ll throw in two, 1/4 cup jars of Cajun Seasoning for free. But the promotion is today, February 23, only!

Here’s what they sent me: “Expiring at midnight Pacific Time tonight, our 2 free ¼ cup jars of Cajun Seasoning with $5 purchase is almost gone. With a $9.10 value, you should at least give this one a thought. Cajun is a fun year-round all purpose seasoning, great on most anything. And with two free jars you can keep one for yourself and share the fun of Cajun with a friend. Don’t miss this opportunity.  Just visit our website and type in the code “FUN” at the shopping cart page, once you have $5 in spending. It’s that easy.”

I have no formal relationship with Penzeys, nor do I derive any financial gain from promoting their products. I just think they sell high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

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