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Summer Soups – Smoky Fresh Corn Chowder


Smoky Fresh Corn Chowder - Fresh corn is showing up in the Farmer’s Markets now. We’ve tried two batches so far – one was not so good, the second was tasty but a little tough. From now until possibly the middle of September you should be able to find fresh corn on the cob – ideally, picked that day. To pick out the best ears pull the shucks back a little to inspect the corn. If a kernel pops easily with pressure from a thumbnail, it’s fresh – if it doesn’t pop easily, or dents rather than pops, put it back it’s no good.  Also, pulling back the husks ensures there isn’t an ugly caterpillar, or two, eating your delicious corn. Although it is hard for me to resist boiling or grilling the corn and eating it on the spot, this recipe for corn chowder is well worth the sacrifice. I like this recipe too because it uses potato for thickening rather than flour making it gluten free. Be sure to use fresh corn, frozen just wont do. It is quite a wonderful summer soup.


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