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In case you missed it, here’s a link to my 2015 Thanksgiving recipes.


Peruse any cooking store and you will find a mind-boggling inventory of utensils, receptacles, and gadgets many of which aren’t worth the inflated prices on the tag. For example, I have a crock full of silicone/rubber spatulas next to my stove. Every one of them has survived the “JFCooks” test, to wit: when considering a purchase, pull on the blade of the spatula as hard as you can. If the blade pops off it will most assuredly come off the first time you try to stir a batch of stiff cookie dough. Some of the most expensive tools fall apart easily. Caveat emptor!

You will find the same bewildering array in the electronics department. And, again, the most expensive are not necessarily the best. I receive a newsletter from America’s Test Kitchen containing a recurring topic entitled “The Well Equipped Cook” wherein they evaluate and recommend groups of kitchen tools such as, baking tools, BBQ tools, and so on. I appreciate their thoughtful and practical tests and I’ve purchased several of their recommended products. Today’s topic was electronic kitchen gadgets. Bullseye! I love cooking and I love gadgets.

In my opinion there are three essential, must-have kitchen gadgets: an instant-read thermometer, a timer, and a scale. I own a kitchen scale similar to the recommended one above. I like that it can be stored standing on it’s side in the cupboard when not in use. More and more recipes specify ingredients by weight or use metric measurements – a scale makes preparing them a breeze. Thermometers and timers? Gotta have them. Just make sure that the controls don’t require a degree in computer science to operate them.

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