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Summer Soups – Gazpacho Andaluz

gazpacho andaluzAnother of my favorite gazpacho recipes, Gazpacho Andaluz, comes from Cook’s Illustrated magazine. This preparation has a smoother, more silky consistency than the previous Gazpacho recipe I posted recently. Both celebrate the delicious profusion of fresh summer vegetables that we are enjoying right now. Gazpacho Andaluz is pureed in a blender, or food processor, to a creamier texture, it contains a bit more olive oil for richness, and there’s even a slice of bread added that helps thicken it. The soup would do fine as a gluten-free version by eliminating the bread.

The recipe gives you options for the type of fresh herbs you might like to add as well as choices for garnishes to place on the table to allow guests to choose their own. I used a tablespoon each of chopped parsley and chopped basil. For garnish I drizzled in a little more sherry vinegar. Do yourselves a favor and try both versions – they are healthy, refreshing, intensely flavorful, and don’t require heating up the kitchen on these hot days.

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